2017-2018 Dress Code
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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Brown Middle School Dress Code

2017 - 2018

The purpose of a standardized dress code is to promote an environment that focuses on learning and safety. The required uniform for Brown Middle School is detailed below. In all matters of opinion, the judgment of teachers and administrators will prevail.


  • Khaki colored-ONLY

  • Woven/twill- ONLY

  • Knit pants, jeggings, leggings, cargo pants or pants that have elastic bottoms are NOT permitted.


Shorts and Skirts

  • Khaki colored ONLY

  • Woven/twill ONLY

  • Shorts and skirts may be no more than three inches above the knee.

  • Shorts and skirts must have a hem.



  • Shirts must be SOLID Purple, White, Black or Gray ONLY.

  • Golf/ Polo style with collar

  • Long or short sleeved



  • Light-weight jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies and sweaters are permitted.

  • Outerwear must be Solid Purple, White, Black or Gray ONLY.

** All students should wear approved BMS dress code under all outerwear**



  • Closed toed street shoes or athletic shoes are permitted.

  • High heels, house shoes, slides, sandals, and flip flops are NOT permitted.

  • Shoes must have a back for safety reasons.


~~~Spirit Gear~~~

Students may wear Brown Middle School paraphernalia shirts any day of the week with khaki styled slacks, shorts, or skirts only. Shirts must have Brown Middle School identified with the full school name, school initials, mascot, or some combination of the three by professional screen printing or monogramming.  Air brushed or tie-dyed shirts are NOT permitted.



Points of Clarification

  • All students must wear pants at waist level and pants should be size appropriate.

  • Sagging pants is not permitted.

  • Students will wear a belt if sagging pants become an issue.

  • Undershirts must also be in dress code colors and should not be visible except around collar.

  • Shirts must be size appropriate and tucked at all times.

  • Approved outerwear may be worn during the day. All other items should be placed in lockers at the beginning of the day.

  • While students may wear hoodies in class, the hood may not be worn on the head at any time while the student is in the building.                                                                                             

  • Shoes must be worn at all times in the school building.

  • Logos on shirts and outerwear cannot exceed 2" x 2".
  • Students may NOT wear the following in the school building:

Sunglasses or non- prescribed glasses

Hats/ caps

Bandanas of any kind

Sleeveless shirts or tank tops

  • Pants/blue jeans, shorts, skirts with holes, rips, or tears are not permitted.  This is to include: regular uniform days, non-uniform days, or days when students choose to wear Spirit Gear.


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