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ELA Project Based Learning   

We are implementing a PBL in our class! We are joining with 6 silver to raise awareness to the overpopulation of stray animals (pets) here in our community. We are going to be very busy with this in the next few weeks. Your child will be working at home on a project and at school with a partner to conduct research on this issue. We will also be conducting a pet food drive here at BMS! Help us support this very important cause! 

IXL Usage   

Parents, ELA has started using IXL! THis means that along with Reading for 20 minutes and getting their reading log signed, IXL lessons will often be assigned for homework. Please make sure that your child is keeping up with this, and that you are checking thier agendas for homework assignments daily, along with the calendar under my name on the school website. Thank you! Yayy for IXL!!

School Spelling Bee  

Congrats to the following students for making it into the annual BMS spelling bee: Nicholas Mccolley, Isabella Ervin, Kelsey Boyd Thompson, and Cheyenne Wesley. We will be rooting for you! 

Reading Log   

If students are assigned to do reading for homework, the reading log will be checked the following day for a record of their reading along with a parent signature. Please ensure that you are helping your child to keep up with this, as it will affect their points for the day. 


Unless otherwise noted for that week, I will be conducting ELA tutoring every Tuesday from 2:30 to 3:20p.m. This will be a time for students to work on homework, ask questions, work on reading plus, etc. 

Subscribe to Remind 101  

Parents, sixth grade purple will be using remind 101 this year to keep you updated with things happening on our team and in our school. I will be sending home a form that walks you through how to easily download this. It is free and easy and extremely helpful. Please utilize this tool!