Brown Middle School

An Interview with BMS Librarian, Mrs. Rox

Darrion and Mrs. Rox
I wanted to interview Mrs. Rox because she’s very welcoming and nice, and she’s my favorite faculty member. She’ll help you with anything she can, and she always wears a smile. ~ Darrion

Darrion: Do you have any pets? 

Mrs. Rox: Yes, a poodle-mix stray. 

Darrion: Do you have any children?

Mrs. Rox: Yes, two daughters, twenty-five and twenty-seven.

Darrion:Do you like books or technology?

Mrs. Rox: Both.

Darrion: What's your favorite candy?

Mrs. Rox: Junior Mints. 

Darrion: Do you like football?

Mrs. Rox: It's okay. 

Darrion: What's your favorite team?

Mrs. Rox: Tennessee 

Darrion: What's your favorite car?

Mrs. Rox: Subaru.

Darrion: What's your favorite animal?

Mrs. Rox: Otter. 

Darrion: What's your favorite book?

Mrs. Rox: There are too many to name a favorite. 

Darrion: Do you like Apple or android?

Mrs. Rox: Apple. 

Darrion: Are you an optimist or pessimist?

Mrs. Rox: Both, I like to plan for the worst but hope for the best. 

Darrion: Do you like basketball? Why?

Mrs. Rox:  Yes, because it's fast-paced. 

Darrion: What's your favorite team? 

Mrs. Rox: I have no favorite. 

Darrion:  What's your favorite TV show?

Mrs. Rox: I have no favorite. 

Darrion:  What’s your favorite movie?

Mrs. Rox: There are too many, but I like “Pitch Perfect” and “Diva.”

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