Brown Middle School

An Interview with Mr. Smith, Assistant Principal

Mr. smith being interviewed by Chase
Chase V. conducts an Interview with Mr. Smith, BMS Assistant Principal and a very interesting man!


Chase: If you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead, who would it be, and why?

Mr. Smith: Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. because I want to know what kind of courage it takes to lead people the way he did.

Chase: Did you play sports when you were a kid?

Mr. Smith: No, not organized sports; I did play the trombone though, and I was a music teacher for several years.

Chase: Who has been the greatest influence in your life, and why?

Mr. Smith: My mother  because of the sacrifices she made for her children, and it taught me to make sacrifices for my children.

Chase:I have heard you are from Florida, what brought you to Tennessee?

Mr. Smith: I went to college in Tennessee. I returned to my home town, then I came back to  Tennessee for my wife.

Chase: If you had three wishes what would you do with them?

Mr. Smith:I would wish for my children to be happy in life; for more equality, for people to be treated fairly; and to retire to a beach in Miami.

Chase: What is your favorite food?

Mr. Smith: Fried chicken.

Chase:Do you like working with young students?

Mr. Smith: Yes, very much.

Chase:What is your favorite football team?

Mr. Smith: Miami Hurricanes.

Chase:If I were to give you a ticket to fly anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Mr. Smith: Kenya, Africa.

Chase:What’s your favorite movie?

Mr. Smith: “When Harry Met Sally”

Chase: What is your favorite book?

Mr. Smith:Louis Armstrong in His Own Words and Goodnight Moon.

Chase: What  is your idea of a perfect day?

Mr. Smith: Sitting on a beach in Miami.

Chase: Thank you for taking the time for this interview.
Mr. Smith: it was my pleasure.

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