Brown Middle School


Lorena Roberts

8th grade math/Algebra I


Welcome! I am entering my second year at Brown Middle School, and I am excited you (or your student) is in my class. Teaching math is one of my favorite activities, but when I'm not at school, I'm at the dog park with my pup, playing Sudoku, or spending time with my friends. 

I use Canvas to host our classes, which is accessible through your student's Chromebook. 

Our class is set up according to the following weekly schedule: 
one sheet of homework every week (called a "Skill Sheet")
Homework is given on Mondays and is due on Thursdays.
- an assessment on Fridays 
-  a vocabulary quiz on Thursdays.

Students have access to Khan Academy, where I "host" a class. These videos can be extremely helpful for students as they progress through eighth grade math. They can also visit the "Supplemental Materials" page on our Canvas website.

For vocabulary, students should visit the vocabulary module on Canvas to find a link to the Quizlet I have pre-made for them to use to study. If students spend time on Quizlet, they should easily make a 100% on their weekly quiz. 

If your student needs help with homework or test review at home, they can visit our class Canvas page or my YouTube channel:

You and your student are always welcome to email me with questions or concerns:

Are you a parent looking for resources? Here are a few worth checking out:

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