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Chromebook Insurance Information for 2023-24 in English or Spanish.
Insurance Limitations (what is not covered)

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Free and Low-Cost Internet Options

Chromebook Self Help

Frozen Chromebook:

If your chromebook has frozen or the keyboard does not work, please press the power button (on the right side) until the light goes out. You may have to hold the button for several minutes. After the chromebook turns off wait a minute then restart.

SoSolve many chromebook issues by running an update: 

1. After you have logged in, click on the menu bar at the bottom right of your screen. Video instructions are available on
2. When the window pops up, choose the cog icon to the right of Sign out.
3. Click on Settings and look at the bottom of the left-hand menu for About Chrome OS.
4. Click on About Chrome OS, then click Check for updates.
5. Click on the Restart box when it appears after the updates have loaded.

Power Issues:
If your device is not charging properly, try these strategies.
1. Check to make sure the micro usb is completely inserted into the port
2. Connect to the other charging port on the opposite side of the Chromebook (it is not unusual for a port to die) 3. Make sure the cable that connects to the charging block is securely seated 


Chromebook Chargers
We only have enough free chargers for each student. Replacement chargers can be purchased through Amazon, or by paying with cash or check at the school (coming soon). A replacement stylus can be ordered here.

If you purchased insurance, you are eligible for ONE replacement charger by contacting Smart Tech.

HCS Chromebook Documents and Information
Responsible Use Policy
What to do if your chromebook gets broken
(and why SmartTech insurance is a good thing to have)

Contact the school if you have questions.

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